Diabetic Foot
Ulcer Study
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RAPID-1DFU is looking at whether a gel made out of your own blood and vitamin C will help to heal diabetic foot ulcers. This gel is called the RAPID™ Biodynamic Haematogel.

If you have been suffering from a diabetic foot ulcer for more than two and a half months, we would love to tell you a bit more about our research study. If you would be interested in learning more, and maybe taking part, please fill out the information below and a member of the clinical research team will get in touch with you.


If you would like to speak directly to the Loughborough Hospital team the contact details are:

Podiatrist: Lesley Weaving
e: lesley.weaving@.nhs.net


Principal Investigator: Lynn MacDiarmid
e: lynn.macdiarmid@.nhs.net
t: 07876 560643


Learn more about the trial.

Discover more – watch this short video created at the Royal London Hospital at the beginning of the trial.

Please register your interest at Loughborough Hospital below. 

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